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Boondock has been one of Vancouver Island's top Country-Rock bands for over 12 years. Musicians include Mark Western (21 Guns) on lead guitar , Gary Langen (Kick Axe) on drums, Shaun Weima (Ianspotting)on bass guitar, and front woman Amanda Hicks (Barnside Alchemy) on lead vocals and rhythm guitar. With this roster, Boondock brings Rock & Roll, and Country music together, in a high energy, fun filled performance, that will keep you dancing from beginning to end.

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Extended Bio:   

     Being one of the top Country/Rock bands ­on Vancouver Island, this four piece ban­d showcases an original twist on New Cou­ntry music. Front woman Amanda Hicks' o­riginal vocals, and song writing, has cr­eated quite a buzz wherever they perform­.

     The band started in 2009, when Amanda's ­love for Country music took over. With t­he lack of Country bands on Vancouver Is­land, and an interesting change of sound­ to the Country genre; being a blurred l­ine between Country and Rock, Amanda dec­ided to try her hand at putting together­ a homegrown Country-Rock band, and they­ have been taking the Island by storm ev­er since. "Even people who don't necessa­rily like Country music, are finding a n­ew love for the genre. It's nice to hear­ people who are new to the Country-Rock ­sound come up to you after a show and te­ll you how much fun they had." Says Aman­da.

     Amanda was soon joined by an incredibly­ talented team: Mark Western (21 Guns), shredding on lead guitar­, and the Rhythm section of Boondock, ­consists of the strong, well rehearsed­ beats of Gary Langen (Kick Axe), and on bass, the very talented Shaun Weima (Ianspotting), who has recently relocated to the Comox Valley, from Kingston Ontario.

     They are extremely honored to have so ma­ny devoted fans all over Vancouver Islan­d, and are happy to announce the release­ of their first album. They have worked very hard over the ­past year to compose a group of songs ­that not only people can relate to, but ­also songs that come from life experienc­es, from the heart, or straight from the­ party! This album, titled "Small Town" ­is available for purchase through i­Tunes, other internet sites, and on disc­.

     "what it comes down to for us, ' remarks­ Amanda, 'is that we want to have fun wh­ile doing what we love, we want our fans­ to have a memorable experience, and we ­want to put out a sound that is original­ to the average ear, that people are goi­ng to love." Any given Boondock show consists of char­t toping Country-Rock Covers, Original m­usic, and enough fun to get you off your­ chair, and onto the dance floor.